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Optical cell image analyzer


iLine Fast On-Line Quantitative Cell Imaging Analyser

Ovizio 10

The iLine Fast imaging technology is based on patented Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy. This unique technology brings real-time label free monitoring to suspension cell bioreactors. In Digital Holography, the scattered light beam from an illuminated object interferes with a reference beam on a CCD camera allowing for a 3D numerical reconstruction of the object.

Differential digital holography is an evolution of this base technology that brings increased stability and an important size reduction of the instruments.
Digital Holography can construct intensity images, quantitative phase images and 3D images covering the shape and density of an object in a volume. The phase image is equivalent to the optical thickness of the sample. Images of cells captured in a hologram can be refocused after acquisition.
The iLine Fast measures the specific holographic signature of each cell within the field of view and computes a cell count based on a sequence of holograms. The platform shows cell density and cell viability per measurement sequence.

The iLine fast is designed specifically for use in combination with bioreactors. The technology can track a full cycle and can count cell viability from very low to high concentrations.
The iLine Fast can be used in various settings and can be integrated with the bioreactor control systems.

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