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Anaerobic Fermentation Monitor


Anaerobic Fermentation Monitor

EASY, QUICK and ACCURATE...The Anaerobic Fermentation Monitor.

The Anaerobic Fermentation Monitor (AFM) is a robust and user-friendly laboratory parallel bioreactor that allows for accurate comparisons of carbon conversion rates and yields for six simultaneous anaerobic fermentations.

afm product overview

Monitoring the amount of CO2(g) that evolves from a fermentation broth under well controlled conditions is a reliable comparison method that has proven to be very useful in all industries that use anaerobic fermentations. Because carbon dioxide production is stoichiometrically coupled with carbon source conversion, very useful metabolic data can be obtained.

The AFM provides very accurate standard measuring of CO2(g) from six parallel fermentations that is both very low in maintenance and very easy to use.

Simple yet powerful—the perfect combination for a broad selection of applications.

Easily achieve accurate comparisons of carbon conversion rates and yields for independent fermentations. Conditions such as temperature and agitation speed are controlled to allow accurate strain type, carbon source and nutrient comparisons without specialized fermentation skills.

The AFM is equipped with very strong magnetic stirrers, able to handle viscous media and feedstocks such as lignocellulose hydrolysates. For each fermenter, stirrer speed and temperature can be set independently. Time-dependent programs are also easy with the AFM. Fully controlled with user friendly PC software, the Alcohol Fermentation Monitor uses Microsoft Excel® for generating advanced reports containing all measured data, data analysis tables and corresponding graphs.

  afm bottle

Modern and Straightforward Control Software

The AFM system is fully controlled with user-friendly PC software. The software is intuitively designed with a “no need for a manual” approach. The entire operation of the AFM can be mastered within 10 minutes, even by untrained staff.

afm software 1

Each fermenter flask is controlled individually and can be started and stopped and started again at any time during other running experiments. Conversion rates and yields can accurately be measured as a function of feedstock, yeast strains or other process conditions such as medium temperature.

The AFM control software allows for convenient storage of experimental data and easy data comparison. Moreover, performance indicators can be calculated automatically for large sets of experiments.

afm software 2

The AFM control software is password protected, all user actions are logged and stored automatically and data is stored in encrypted form (21-CFR Part 11).

Many satisfied users involved in biomass to ethanol conversion processes describe the AFM not only as the perfect screening machine for general research on anaerobic yeast fermentations, but also as a powerful, time saving tool for plant design and process optimization. A very accurate characterization of the fermentation quality can be obtained, without the need for highly educated laboratory staff, which is an important, money saving feature.

Typical AFM applications include

  • Measure conversion rates and yields of lignocellulose hydrolysates into biofuels
  • Test and compare different yeast strains or different feedstock/substrates
  • Quality control of regular/commercial yeast
  • Quality control of traditional feedstock (such as molasses)
  • Conversion of wort into beer
  • Conversion of grape juice into wine
  • Alcohol tolerance and toxicity studies
  • Industrial and academic research on yeast and potable alcohol/bio-ethanol/biobutanol production

The AFM - Features

  • Very user friendly laboratory device for monitoring anaerobic, metabolic yeast activity for alcohol production
  • Six independent yeast fermentations can be carried out simultaneously
  • Standard 250 or 500 ml Schott DuranTM flasks
  • Stirrer speeds and temperatures can be set or time programmed for each fermenter flask individually
  • Accurate comparison of conversion rates and yields under different conditions such as temperature, strain type, carbon source or nutrients
  • Much easier to operate and clean than standard fermenter systems
  • Fully controlled with user-friendly PC control and data analysis software
  • Automatic generation of advanced reports containing all measured data, data analysis tables and corresponding graphs
  • Very strong magnetic stirrers, able to handle very viscous media
  • Proven value for research and QA purposes in all fields of yeast research and (bio) ethanol production
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