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Appli-V Distributed Control System

A true Emerson DeltaV application for bioreactors




Our Team of Engineers possess an average of 20+ years of experience in the BioPharma industry, and we can get your bioprocess outfitted at any scale from R&D to Pilot, Clinical, and Commercial scales. 

Now, with the addition of Appli-V, an Emerson DeltaV distributed control software to our suite of offerings, you can further streamline your work for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and reliability:

  • Automation from microscale to production
  • Single-use and multi-use systems
  • Open software solution
  • Fully validatable
  • Broad integration options


Key features of Appli-V

  • Open Software and Hardware solution
  • Capability to be added to an existing system
  • Standardized automation software can be customized to meet customer requirements
  • Ability to transfer from process development to commercial
  • Engineering documentation available to support validation
  • GMP level validation package
  • Open to work with client on meeting their standards
  • Work directly with Emerson to ensure best solution is installed
  • Understanding of full vision of the customer needs
  • No hidden costs
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