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2016   Expansion of Applikon Biotechnology facility in Delft

Applikon moves to Delft, our new facility is officially opened by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

Applikon opens manufacturing facility in Science City, Guangzhou, China

2009   Applikon opens a Chinese branch office in Guangzhou, China
2008   The existing management of the company Arthur Oudshoorn, Jaap Oostra and Erik Kakes acquire Applikon Biotechnology BV through a management buyout
2004   Applikon Biotechnology BV is split off as a separate company from Applikon Dependable Instruments BV and Applisens is merged into the new company
2002   Applikon is awarded ISO 9001 certification.
1998   The biotechnology division continues to develop. This leads to a new division, AppliSens. AppliSens specializes in the field of sensor technology and special separation systems for perfusion cell cultures.
1992   In collaboration with DHV, Amersfoort and the RIVM, Bilthoven, Applikon was awarded an order from the Chinese government to build these large-scale vaccine plants in China. By securing and successfully completing this project, Applikon becomes a factor with large-scale production plants.
1990   The premises in Schiedam is now increased to 10,000 m2. Another company, Instrumek BV bases its company on the same area and ADI assumes part ownership of Instrumek. Instrumek is specialized in parts for the biotechnology as an analyzer equipment.
1989   The bioreactor program of Contact Flow in Ridderkerk is taken over. Now Applikon gains the technology of the production of child vaccines that was developed with the Dutch Institute for Environmental and Human health issues in Bilthoven.
1988   On request of a few big customers in the USA, Applikon moves its activities to the Bay area in San Francisco; Applikon, Inc. finds its home in Foster City, California. European activities are directed in a positive way with collaboration with Universities and Institutes. New developments are started for extending the product program.
1985   The structure is extended to 2000 sq. meter. The biotechnology activities are put into a new founded company Applikon Dependable Instruments. Into the product range a new group of equipment is introduced. In Situ Sterilizable systems and microprocessor instrumentation for control.
1984   In 1984 Metrohm and the management gains all the shares of Applikon.
1983   The sales activities of the bioreactor system stretches out to other European countries and USA. Especially in the USA, the biotechnology sector starts booming. This leads to an American subsidiary of Applikon in Austin, Texas
1978   In Schiedam a new building is the home base of Applikon. Besides the development of special analyzer equipment for the environmental and the process industry, Applikon starts with the development of small bioreactor systems with control equipment for the biotechnology markets in the Netherlands and Germany.
1974   In 1974 Applikon starts her activities by selling the technical products of Pieterman, the so-called Technical Scientific equipment. The core products are the electrical chemical laboratory analysis instruments of the Swiss Company Metrohm AG. Besides these products, Applikon also represents products of other foreign firms, mainly products based on Biotechnology. Three groups of specialists support these activities, application research, training and project group. This strategy is also anchored in the company name: "Appli" is deducted from the English "to apply"; and the last part "kon" is used in a lot of city names in Switzerland.
1973   Applikon BV was founded in 1973 as a subsidiary of Pieterman BV. Pieterman is a glass industry manufacturer.





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